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what did really help in life

Coming to hyderabad and completing studies; Family; whole family members and friends have helped me to  manage my life; SSC certificate  my own knowledge helped for marriage;

Knowledge and language skills; Gta; Internet; Rx picking power; Breeding knowledge ITB;  Chalapathy; Rx ring favrites;

 internet for knowledge consolidation;

Team work for idols; Pen media;

Stage speaking skills; Coaching skills must help now;

 Adwords and Youtube; PPC 

Still to improve; Campaign Management skills; and Coaching skills;

Non cooperation had from family and friends had  later years;

Findings; Not taken daring steps;

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

How i gained knowledge step by step; K. V ramana

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Hi friends My name is K.V.Ramana;  I belong to Gandla caste; My Childhood life; My parents say my birth took place in 1965 in Hyderabad later father shifted our family to  our native village Gollapally in Kadapa district; I enjoyed village life.  Walk to Darjipally school  was a real  fun;  During 1975 to 1979 ; 4 years i had schooling at Kadapa  stayed at  B C Hostel.

Keshav Memorial High School(KMHS),Narayana Guda,HYDERABAD - Posts ...
1980 to 2000; Things began to change after shifting  to Hyderabad with Father and Mama. I Completed  SSC  education In Keshav Memorial school  in Hyderabad; School group photo is a big memory;  Athletics practice at L b stadium days were memorablel Friends like Akheel and Quasim were nice;  later got  First rank in St joseph college  Mariapuram  Kadapa intermediate  gave a boost to my merit became college chairman and enjoyed Group photo;  Came back to Hyd and  completed B com Degree  1982- 1985 In A.V College Hyderabad barely missed college championship;  Knowledge from Inspirational Books began to arrive; Joined Military service  MEG Bangalore for some time 1985; So parents help had for first 20  years of life;
The McDowell Signature Premier Indian Derby (Gr.1) - 2012 ...Stack of books with message KNOWLEDGE IS POWER — Stock Photo ...
Came back from Military. later Father died in 1985 due to ill health. I Visited Singapore with Raju seenas Anantapur guys support;  in 1985 i entered in Horse racing.  i started earning income with passport application  form filling. Visited Pune  and  Mumbai with Vedant Class Apart days;  Later stayed at Swaraj hotel. Alchohol and bad friendships  began; Setback had with nanduri in 1988 with  help of my brother i came out;  Later joined jobs  worked  as Medical rep 1988 in  Prizm Kadapa later  IKFL; Joined Bio win for Nellore HQ from there jumped to ; Max India.
Our logo represents our proud Indian origin and global orientation ...
During Max India tenure 1992 to 1995 stint was good and  had professional  knowledge gained of pharmaceutical and marketing. Good looks and my interview skills  might have helped me get this job. Visited  Delhi 2 tmes visited  British library in and Delhi Race course;  After Max  closure joined Menarini Rounaq in Bangalore HQ but couldnt work for long;  later with Babu Rao worked for  Happy home toured Chikmangloor with Seetharamaiah. Shifted  to Chennai  and had lot of  struggle there. joined Multinol. My room remained at nellore. later joined  in Uniseil pharma as a manager  Chennai  toured in Tamilnadu; Rx knowledge continued throught these year; Met Rx Rama chandra Reddy  and Ravi nellore  other  people (Chalapathi; Gudur guys) got introduced ai MRC;   In 1997 joined Astro Drugs moved to Hyderabad;  later joined Yogi pharmacy in Hyderabad  and worked for some time  had a chance to  visit Haridwar;  later  joined Mark india Mumbai  based company with very poor salary and Khandala  visit had; 
Elusive Pimpernel ridden by Aslam Kader The Indian Derby 1995 ...
Following Great race horses i have seen during these years;
1985 Chaitanya Radham 12/10 starts ; seen in racing
1986;  Chitanya Chakram 15; Capricorn; 6 wins;seen in paddok parade
1987 ; Oceanpark 9 wins 
Enrico; 2000 guineas;
Brave Dancer 19 wins;  Subba rao
Indian Prince 14 wins; Seen in paddok parade
1988; Cordon blew 8 wins;   
My rx trials went on and on;
Time and place 11 wins; spinters;
Nine carat 9
Parfair amour 8 wins;
Pennywise 7;
Treasure land 7;
Own beauty 5;
Tigerlily 5;
Conelian 9
Divine light 11 wins;
Diplomacy 6
Zynas glory 4;
Kolar gold 2;
1989 ???
1990; Desert Warrior; 
Classic story 10 wins
Exhilaration 9  Bangalore 2000
Star Contender 16 wins
1991; Ponta Delgado  7 wins;  
kalamaris 12;
1992 Admiralty 12 ;
Diamantaire 6;
1992- Ashtonish 8 ; 
1993 Adler;8 wins;
Littleover 8;
1994;   Cape dance 4;
Capital risk 2;
Brave Hunter 9/23
Small parcel of farm lands Consider These Before Investing In Plots
1996 entered in Real estates  Happy Estates N.Prabhakar in Hyderabad ; Abhimanyus team worked with some other real estate projects in hyderabad;  Failed in real Estates  business finally; 1997 had fall and  had hand accident had operation in Apollo Hospital  then shifted to Rajampet later to  Tirupati finally landed back in Hyderabad; 
1995  Elusive Pimpernel 22/22 ; Sudhakar Reddy and Bhaskar reddty;
Exclusive Virtue  20/38 spinters; D.Khaitan and aslam khader;
International 1995 2/4
Winning pretty 9/13;  year; 
Own ordain 19/77;
1996 Mystic memory 9
1997 Forest fantacy 9 wins;
1997 Indictment 9; chennai;
1997; Atumn Blue 8
1997 Crown treasure11; Nellore guy;( Pesi shroff; mallya)
1997 Santorini star; 9
1998 Indiscreation 12 ; 

Star supreme (MAM days B.prakash); : (Dai; Prasad;  sanjeeva reddy; Malayali; S.N Murthy)
Google has a new logo - The Verge
1999 Runnin Flame ( Bolts and nuts venku)
2000 Six speed 9 wins;
2001 Snow dew 8 wins; Allaire 7 wins;
2002 Classical act 5
2003 Priceless;
Google AdSense launches new type of ad format that optimizes ...
1998 google was launched  so i entered internet sphere with Venkatesh help; launched nelloretimes  (year 2000  retained ownership till now  for 20 years) My first bisiness entry  in web business  life managed it.  I failed to make any impression in market;  I Had severe health setbacks in year 2000 life threatening  managed it with my brothers help;
Soon after  joined Syam did Lord Balaji Frames and idols business in year 2000 sold some frames in Chennai; Got news paper licence in 2003  ran 5 issues found it very difficult without team and left it; Managed news paper show with Gopals help  kept office for few years in Nellore;  Supplied  some 3rd party e commmerce orders  flower deliveries; Got adsense licence in 2004 later suspended; Got again in Gopals name  in 2005 with janas  support.  
Why 'Wikipedia,' A 60 Million Dollar Company Is Asking Users To ...
2005 English news paper licence Vetuku got it  further  enhanced value. Enjoyed postal power effect of  Vetuku news paper later;   All these years i failed to consolidate my revenues or branding nor had any savings;
noun project | Letter logo design, Newspaper logo, Logo design
2004; Fantabulous King 5/9 (Second run Derby win)
2005 Holding Court 11 wins
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i joined Blogger in 2006; It helped me to organise my life much better;
2006 Mystical 14 wins i was in Hyderabad for his first win at Khairatabad; 
Soutern empire 11 
2007 Hot steppar 7 
2008  Oasis  Star  14 wins (  srinath
2009 Set Alight 11 Bangalore Derby with Mallesh Narredu Digital Marketing academy Hyderabad: lord Balaji ...ananda nilayam tirupati - YouTube
2006  joined Syam again for Lord Balaji  idols business (frames and Ananda Nilayam  Gopurams) success had with bulk orders in Micro labs  Bangalore managed to supply orders with team work of Kumar; and Subramanyam; Vasu and others;  Vasu developed small  Car Ananda Nilayam idol for me; Stayed in Bangalore and entered as Rx book making business in Second tote as syndicate business with 2 other partners.  It was dream came true and which was a real miracle in life  but flopped because of lack of required capital; Stayed in Bangalore from 2006 to 2008 later shifted  back to Tirupati;  Stayed in Tirupati 2008 to 2010 toured Nellore; 
2009 Image result for twitter logo 
Twitter almost helped me to the tune of a lakh;
Web listings helped throught  internet career, Thulasi funding and Ananda Nilayams income  Lord balaji  idol (head)  sales helped;
2010 Jaqueline 8 wins
The changing position of social media in 2020: What does it mean ...Team Building Gets High Marks in Destination Hotels Survey | Smart ...
2010 started to Hyderabad  with syam with new product extention. later joined with Srn team. Soon Gta joined my life.  life began to change for better with society and family recognition;  Attended few marriages Arvind. Stayed 4 years in Hyderabad till 2014. 

Boga Naveen Document Writer - Registration Office in Bheemgal
Team work with Ajay and NRNs  sustained Hyderabad life. (Pen media forum launched with NRNs team and released  a  Directory)  Shifted  to Tirupati in November 2014.  No savings had anyway but  life  experience gained;
11 booked for marriage sans permission | Deccan HeraldAn army of social workers
2012 In the spot light  (Chalapathi) 11 wins failed to capitalyse; M. Dwyer
2013 Quasar 15 wins;  failed to capitalyse;
2014  Allandaire 14 wins; Amaging Arace first run win of 2000 meters was great attempt by  Trevor 10;
How do I use mobile internet on my laptop? - Coolblue - Before 23 ...How to Rank Google My Business Listing on Google Maps and Search?
In 2014  laptop  purchased. Airtel Dongle, Byke, Camera, Micromax Smart phone, were added in my armoury. After shifting to Tirupati 2014 to 2018 consolidated google map listings  business. Ran Vetuku  around 10 issues managed office in Tirupati.  Managed Hyderabad listings  renewals for 2 years covering from Tirupati stayed in gtas chinnanna house  at Chanda nagar;  Purchased A/C during this time. Some  money got with twitter handles manababi, sbi; foreign handle; begumpet; Texmaco; hd; icfai; 

The best phone to buy right now (2019) - The Verge5 Star Google Reviews Made Easy (And Effective)
2015 Desert god 19 wins;
2016 Serjeant at arms 14 wins;
My niche of Document writers  developed from 2011 ; This data  helped a lot for years; URL redirection support had from jana end; Shift to Hyderabad resulted in slow progress and income and  client grip loss at Tirupati.  2018; 2019  Drohi  and Ameen have helped to some extent only;

Bachelor (IBM) in Digital Marketing - Geneva Business School Google Pay and PhonePe top global fintech download chart in February
Life from 2018  Ruffina 13 wins; onwards; Adsense income dropped  i failed to notice this change: Power of stage speaking known in Tirupati meetup later stage speaking skills developed kept one meetup in 2018 need to develop spoken skills known; Advertising Campaign (Spring 2010)
Got  Geetha sponcered Samsung Mobile to hand; Shilfted back to Hyd  in May 2018 completed  course in Digital marketing which increased my confidnce levels  at market.  DSIM  color broture also helped but poor web site design flopped; Rx pickings have improved a lot but never had a good betting strategy; Golden senorita of Abharanams began; 4G  Internet power of  JIO on hand enjoyed. Started posting blog posts from mobile; Updated and trimmed vilekhari blog; 
Whatsapp To Give More Power To Group Admins With These New Features
2019;  Instagram and pinterest and twitter knowledge gained;  Mobile payment apps  and other apps like insta postings knowledge enhanced;  whatsapp content power gained; Wall sticker and 4 page Color leaflet developed. Gta Design skills added;  Few renewals got  paid by online from Tirupati and Hyderabad, Rajampet and Nellore; Screen shots knowledge developed; last date to renewal reminder and  by lady followups helped some times;  Good Pricing and targetting known;  failed to get big projects;

2019 Setbacks;
Sir cecil 7 wins
Market call average  and new closings have dropped; Trust of clients lost due to reporting and poor result issues; Some  google renewals lost at Tirupati this is a slow death;  (Ms Ortho; hospital; Dhyana sai; Govindaraja swamy temple  seenu Frames)  Change of  twitter handles name and  double logins related issues knowledge gained.
2020 Setbacks toughest year in life; 
Many handles of twitter got suspended; Poor eye sight and high blood sugar problems, Byke service  and fall from Byke issues; GST registration and  Drohi sabotage issue to failed to tackle;  Fitness and Income issues had  due to covid;  Work disturbed for almost 7 months.  Some clients dropped renuing their listings; Few renewals lost due to (Tpt hotel Trilok; Darbar Trading; Soni; Balaji; Metal house; Padmavathi electricals tpt  Ganesha electrical)  competitors disturbance of 360 degrees photos; Few clients have claimed their google maps listings;  Google has grown  a lot but map listings are not trustworthy only paid campaigns is better to concentrate; 

whatsapp  group creation and expectation issues have run riot;  lost some friends  and  relatives; Poor replys from GCP; Papulamma; Prasad Prabhavati son; Lost temper with Vja guy  etc and other close freinds have triggered; 2020 high  A/C charges managed with gtas help;
Learn SEO: The Ultimate Guide For SEO Beginners [2020]
Known that  very few Clients only  pay  by online i must or my person must visit them and have constant touch with clients and maintain good relationship with calls and whatsapp; Phone initiation power with clients and friends and family members began; 

Social Media Logos Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Pinterest ...
2020 Developments; 
War Hammer 8;  failed to capitalyse;
Reduced Alchohol; Renewd Nt and lekhari again; Maiden song; Developed Digital marketing course with 20 modules;  had one video developed with voice of telugu; Gained SEO rank for some places; Youtube ads  crash course of Amit  seen;  Known google maps resolving techniques to capitalyse this ; Adwords setup learnt ran one  paid campaign but lost money. instagram paid campaingns  ran and had few tieups with others; Crash course idea of 1 hour idea emerged; With Youtube video English and etiquette knowledge refined; Be a front runner and  be responsible; 

Learnt to not to  give false promises; Power of being good presenter known; whatsapp content power specially tone of voice  and importance of engagement on posts known;  twitter tweets and follower base managed;  
A Good Old Fashioned Guide to Phone Etiquette — Carphone Warehouse

Phone success stories of initiation enjoyed; Be ready to say no TIP known;  google invitation to USA used to my benefit; Review and photo power 1Cr views consolidated made money even with reviews; 110 plus 5 star reviews and continued for lekhari;  Analysed past and Rx; whatsapp groups engagement in community picture content saved on insta ;  Phone calls made with Gollpally old friends and people; My whatsapp engagement being watched by group members;  Power of apreciation known Ajay;
How to Promote Your YouTube Videos With Google AdWords : Social ...
Concentrate on just one thing another life Tip ; Better usage of emoticons  known; Decided to  avoid  wine shop sitting; Social conduct responcibility known; Youtube video income  power known; Power of team work known so to re build team again; for videos; google meet known;
The Delivery Hero IPO and the consolidation strategy - VentureFriendsEmoticons - Home | Facebook
Rx consolidation did throught the years; Data of last 40 years analysed during covid rest; Concentrate on  Debut winning chances as favrites;  have some capital on hand have money for recovery bets; Back eachway when odds are in your favour is new idea;  Strong connections of  trainers and owners Jockeys etc; long term backing plan works; low weight advantage back confidently without any doubts likes of  Shivansh; Not to miss long shots; Rx book maker power; Avoid long layoff and  change of course; Arch rivals to watch and take chance;  Unbeaten horses to encash; Many old videos and breeders videos are available now on youtube;  Seen worldwide racing details; likes of secretariat and Zenyatta; Some professionals are there on twitter and insta; There were many winners in the past missed many of them;  I wasted my valuable time in not betting good amounts on big winners; There were 600 plus winners so far;

Project management initiation phase: Best practices - ClarizenOnline Digital Marketing Training | Digital Marketing Course in ...
Balaji gave phone numbers of friend Balaiah and talked with him; Called Jafrula  for gollapally house help; Nagraj BSNL  gave ph of Srinu Modin sahebpally  called and had his support; Bhawar  joined back told about google translation;  

Called Ravi chennai he talked for fairly long time; Called Rajyam Nlr, Parvathi gollapally; Chengamma; Narsimha; Subbarayudu; parvathi;  Naga subbaiah; Chinnimmi; Parvathi; Constantly had chat with Mama and Bujji; Message to Gopal  fetched house construction at gollapally; Enjoyed nice songs; Removed non responding friends; (Ramana kokkanti; GCP; Bala pullaiah;)

Think Big Statistics on Twitter followers | Socialbakers

Future action plan; After covid; 
In future i must get big brands and work for bigger brands have a list on hand;
Proposed Annual Action Plan 2018–2019 – OSSTF/FEESO Update

Gollapally visit and house construction issue is first priority; Tpt and other areas client visit consolidation; Try with ads online coaching idea of 1 hour at Kadapa; Tirupati; Nellore  launch of voluntary assn; Apply for GST; 
Top 8 Social Media Paid Advertising Platforms for 2020
learn Design skills develop NT and lekhari further; learn Video editing and wordpress skills; World wide Rx to  plan know about online betting and  antepost betting create a syndicate again; 
I Increased Sales When I Made this One Google AdWords Change8 Mistakes to Avoid in Doing Facebook Paid Ads - LYFE Marketing
Utilyse paid ads power of Digital platforms like youtube and adwords have tieups with good Digital marketing  institutions and video makers; web designers;
Zoom Conferencing - Call One, Inc Zoom Conferencing 4 Coaching Skills Every Successful Coach Needs To Master - YouTube
(identify a hit list of customers with poor ranking and twitter; gain back trust)
10 Epic Miracles in the Bible - Beliefnet
Miracles;  Hyderabad stay  study at Keshav memorial SSC at HYD ssc certificate helped;  Free Singapore visit;  Mesh at nellore;  Joining Max India my skills; Micro Idols orders My skills and language and supplying them;  
Team work; Inspirationals Books knowledge; Uncexpected 10 k of Dr J. P Reddy to keep in touch; Rx book making at Bangalore; Gta;  news 9 entry; Press entry with nelloreone; Kajal huge fans to monetize; 24k instagram project; twitter handles and  some income typosquatting; Golden senorita; Spoken skills but Dress skills to improve; Samsung mobile; 4g jio; youtube knowledge; Content skills knowledge; Pintrest; Color leaflet; adwords set up knowledge; youtube  paid ads set up knowledge; gta Design skills; My marriage at Arya samaj;  google map listings knowledge; Digital marketing skills; That 5 k from SR scientifics;
The 3 Skills That Can Get You Past Setbacks and Failures - Happify ...
Causes of my failure of life;  No house  food  and health management throught the life;  Heavy expenses; Poor rx betting strategy on for 35 years lot of chances missed;  alchohol; Failed to brand my work and NT; Paper; Digital Marketing; or idols biz; Blogging; for 22 years;
lost trust of people; failed to monetize twitter followers base; 
Poor coopeartion from others; Poor design skills;

what did really help in life

Coming to hyderabad and completing studies; Family; whole family members and friends have helped me to  manage my life; SSC certificate  my ...