Thursday, June 18, 2020

What has helped most

Video tips for Human relationships; Mannerism; Help each other; Text in gap of absense; Blog Bio; 
Balaji Bajrang your soft of tone  voice counts;
ads. youtube videos Ganesh skill; chetchat; ph convertion tips in English words; SEO Tips;
dale carniegie; emojis; content skills; language skills;
twitter Bio; followers; Ids;
Gta;Smart phone; whatsapp content; Pintrest;
Dw; google renewals; Byke on hand;
Bloggerr to get organised;
google; wikipedia; press field;

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Life break hroughs;

Till  1965 to 1974  Not much is known but there are some good memories;  Family visit to Tirupati i remember;  Those photos with jayamma atta; Gollapalli episode; (Blame of books; Dosa change  issue ; lemon;  fear  @sidhout;  Night gangamma temple visit lose tung Mynam episode;) walk from sidhout to gollapally; play with childhood friends; Fishing with father;

1976-1977; Nagarajpet high school (teachers abuse) stay near ITI hostel friendship with narsaiah the later compounder; lemon episode; father got angry for fogetting keys during school;

1978- 79 ; C S high school NCC (fight  in front of mom nerve) but i stayed away from such things later in my life ;  Hostel life near nabikot; Cheraku gadala  run b c hostel kadapa

1980; Hyderabad exposure;  lorry travel ;Oil shop with father, mama; (non responding prasad eswaraiah son; padma head ache and subbarayulu mama) City life exposure;
Police lati charge;

1981-1982;  Maripuram Intermediaate study; (Ugly seen of joji reddy and  torture of  Nandalur guy; Others ridicule managed it anyway) no power on hand yet got college first rank anyway;  Sarcasm Gopal;

1983- 84; Athletics running and triple jump practice; AV college studies; night college;
military exposure Bangalore; Military  my things stolen; nopwer;

1985;( Hyd; Seshamma menace) No power; Eswaraiah; mama support during fathers death; 20 years age; Singapore visit with TRT raju; (Seena sabotage very ugly) Entry into Rx; passports; vedant; 

1986;  21 years; passports life; Mehdipatnam; swaraj lodge stay; Classapart win at Pune ; 
pune Rx failure; mumbai visit;

87; chaitanya chakram ;  roads;
Rs 5 J P LOSt;

1988;  Cordon blew; (narutek;  Nanduri guy subba rao episode;) prizm ramana compounder ; English girls episode  Dr Ratnamma ; First big problem have to be faced; 
1989; IKFL kadapa ugly seen again  bawa episode loan ; Income was not sufficient; sitting posture at bawa home;
Exhilaration Bangalore 2000 guinass win;

1990; Desert Warrior
chennai with chalapathy;
Ranbaxy guy; Rambabu; Ramesh winthrop;
Education; Degree; English skills; Books;
1991; Bio win Nellore entry; (Ugly seen with manager) unisearch chandra
Zerman remidies guy; 

1992- 96 ; Astonish  year Max India ush episode;  shilpa; Nellore stay;Prakash episode; Saree balu; Insulting paul;

1994; little over; Brought rx books;

1995 Elusive Pimpernel year; max india closed;  shift to chennai;

1996; Menarini Raunaq  at Bangalore;  Babu rao happy home; chikmangloor; another real estates company; drinker; stay sarvesh ; multinol; 
Amazing Bay
1997; Uniseil Pvt ltd; Chennai my first stint as manager;  indictment; Happy home Nprabhakars rival lambu;

1998;  Star supreme Dai; Astro drugs miss expectation failed again  TRT Raju menace;  prasad;  Yogi ; Hand accident; satish miss behaviour; pharmacy srinivas reddy joshi; Delhi seconds company; 

Mumbai scin company collegue brief case ugly seen again; standrad charted loan affair with satish support; Ghatkesar laddu episode; mumbai;   khandala Ghatkopar; my speech requirement; Delhi and ; Hardwar visits;

(Sol satish miss behaviour; hand accident episode) launch of google; Happy home;  No power still;

idols biz; team work;  lofer bastard gandhi; sarvesh; 

1999; Hyd; real estates; (Bad mannered syam; Mumbai visit difference of openion with syam)

2000;  launch of Nelloretimes  with 
N. prabhakars support;  sachins sabotage; S K tatari; Vulcher madhu; (health problem issue)   2 boys and lodge; Murali  CBI funding; kotis blood donation; doing Archana and pooja in my name; Mothers thilakam; and support for reddy reddy colony stay; Wall jumping at nlr;
Sekhar support during  happy home fall;
satish and Akheel support;Akka support during sickness;

2001: idols biz with syam; (Plumber U K  issue; trust lost with manufacturers; Uk over action; gomathy school issue)

2002 NLR; KVN;
2003: nelloreone; Printing; Gopal funding;
2004 nellore;
2005: vetuku;  ed naidu issue; team; office in nellore; press and internet power;   Jana adsense; Still not settled with income ;
mannerissm; (photo studio kishan varma;; Rajakeeya Raasi) ADV Ravi help;

During these years i continued to gain knowledge;
2006: idols chanting boxes chennai stay ashwins jaybaul; (ugly Narsimha behaviour; Health  problems asst director issue)

(One cheater took  5 inches frame at chennai and dint pay) Akka funding and default;
2007 Books knowledge; Bangalore Rx bookie licence eating power sampangi ramanagar stay; one chor, (Acting  cunning bastard issue at Bangalore  At second tote)  chalapati; Rama chandra; Gopi; Sivaiah; Raghuram ; Sudhakar reddy; Bhaskar reddy (lights and orchestra guy)
2007; 2008 Bangalore; (Bangalore hostel ghadbad) Bihari raju;

2009;  Back to Tirupati; Top 3 rd floor; (One kurnool bastard no power yet Interview on 3 rd floor issue: owners objection)
(Ugly kamalakars drink  issue with chengaiah; and drohi; tamil  Pranhakaran idli  Adhaar xerox copy issue) thulasis help and office no use money lost;

2010; Camera power ; gta; g plus accounts with letters phone began;

Digital marketing mahabubnagar visit  SRN ;

2011 Tours; 2012; tours; Vijayawada; vizag; guntur; nizbd  med rep; warangal karimnagar; kamalakar issue at hyd; NRN team work and pen media forum launch;

2012; in the spot light  padmanabhan ireessistible form;

2013;  Document writers data; twitter ids income; google plus income; ajays contribution; still no savings no power  experience consolidated;

2014; Office loss with NRN eenadu ads failed for teal ;  red guys sabotage; rent hyke@ hyd  abolition of clubs;
2015: Back to Tirupati; satya at chennai?

syam foreign edu issue; AC issue; coming home without calling; gandhi gone; ED naidu gone;
2016; Again rent hike @Tpt; kakinada visit;

train journeys are troublesome; train journey with mother; Sankyo guy gone;

2017; 2018; TPT stay; consolidated google maps listings;  (Chanda nagar house owners water episode ugly; kadapa mohan)

2018; smart ph; My ugadi speech awesome; manohar reddy  (high  rent 2 useless persons reddy and komti)
Tpt wine shop 3 ugly episodes wine shops are dangerous;
sai marriage return journey ;

Gold; Sr; Jp Reddy;
2018;  Meetup at Tpt and munawwer is gone;
Car visit to gollapally (chinna over action akka miss behaviour)
shifted back to Hyd no planning at all still struggle continued;
(Disturbance at night door knocking Tpt; Train arguments with Gta,
auto guys arguments to be cool over this)
Gtas brothers death;
(Gta chennanna ugly)
D m course completed;
2019; (apes gluttony eat)
(rejecting Gms daughter)
Team work with ajay contd again;
(starpetworld  ajay episode)
(trust lost with flowers guy nampally)
(problem with kiran)
(Pavan gone ajay ashoknagr Bar episode ugly,Kattela subhas issue)
(lost adhesives guy  twitter handle and bajrang; metal house issues)
(Ashwin gone; relatives gone; kalyan gone) gta bro second death annivarsy issue; vene marriage episode lunch issue my fitness issue. (ravi son and kumar daughters issue)

(Dhyana sai; ms ortho TPT;
adsense income gone; ganga caterer ; naga sai gone;
No minimum cutrtecy of Srujana)
jasmine pet mart project; But spell checks;
Blog organised further; 
google photos and  5 star reviews  for lekari continued;
payments apps power got;
gta design skills;
change of hyderabaiprinters twitter name knowledge;
generic medicine telma h;
color leaflet; sticker; my niche;
whatsapp 6700 limit but time wastage of sending messages no response;
(Negative commenting on google maps head ache at kukatpally)

No surplus yet; No power;
Corona lockdown
DM is also getting crowded;
Parasites sabotage issue but retaliated heavily;
Bykes fall; heavy liquor vomiting issue with chengaiah; Forcing for muggu and Buy sarees;
Rent hike; Loneliness and boredom
twitter new rules many  many ids suspended;
Sofa repair guy money returned;
c s gone; soni trust lost;
(Removed ; syam; ajay; kamal; vja lofer; non responding NRN; singh; madhu rythu bhoomi, bang vichu; Bhawar)

My shout near home on beggar; saree guy; neibour;
Anurag hotel; trilok; Ganesh electricals for Bill; swaant; global ac; ranigunj
Few people have claimed their google maps; 
Income problem;
High AC bill;
Anjalis headache;
lost umas trust;
many whatsapp msgs sent but no use;
high sugar; eye sight problem; Byke is getting older;


Get GST plz;
My blog is getting seo ranking swiftly;
youtube; videos are helping for knowledge; People are responding to phone calls for digital marketing;
Digital marketing course in 1 hour  idea;
House construction acceptance got;
still hope noted from RX;
Goal setting video seen; India DM SEO  capture plan;  
To become a fine speaker to train DM skills talk for 20 hours;
Digital marketing course; Modules; videos; 
twitter promotion for DM continued etc;
Ankur Videos; Etiquette many other videos seen; Amit vedeos;
Importance of confidence positive emotion;
google letter to visit us;
To become a member of big co;
lot of ph calls made friends and family;
lekhari got renued;
mama Wishes and continued chat;
SEO rankings gained  few places;
google short urls benefit;
Arch rivals knowledge in rx;
Concentrate just on one thing;
Power of background score;
some renewal  payments got through online transfer;
lady followup power; power of last date reminder;

(psr; eves; alankrita; anurag; pariwar; Bujji DW;  begumpet DW suraramm; fishes; rubber stamps; golden pearl)

Ganesh English skills;
70 songs and dialogues cinema effect on people; power faith; music and dance;
Good mannerism videos known;
value of emotional content;
extra effort needed;
20 hours are enough to learn new course;
HTML; CSS known;
Hyper sugar levels pathyam began, Curd is Ok;
My maiden song got likes;
youtube toolkit known;
Ameen at tirupati some what ok;
whats my expertice;
lekhari url redirection;
have to move with lot of people and solve their  problems;
my niche D W  established;
calling Rama chandra; chinnimmi; parvathi; 
Engagment importance;
called lot of village people;
Ravi chennai called 
Help each other; have common goals;Clarify then and there;
people must know our company before buying  our services;
Team is always better;
lot of chances were there ; Time  lost in Rx due to poor decicion and money; 
which  technique has helped me  more;

Saturday, June 6, 2020

june 2020

1st June 2020;

Adv;  5CR;

Ganesh English Awesome; Standout;   Interview questions how to answer known n;  i want more challeging job I train trainers to watch it again;  Intimate friends  video see   Hindi guy says its communication which is very important important books titles known; Stronger relationships are important in life; Consolidated peptalk further; On Manasa beauty parlour alert reopened almost 15 entries;Had 1 new review from Naveen SRO market is still not ready; linkedin profile url created;

Ted ex show seen common problems of breakup known;  Be Emotionally responsive; iam in your priority; Are u available when i need; my hard time;  Do u value me; 
INSTAGRAM Video seen Blue color best for posting;  Intimate friends List further improved;
email ids live longer known new knowledge; 
Seen free email marketing  setup videos of mail chimp and again got confidence subscribe to more  email  lists ;  
Someone called  for  google letter and Bags; 
2nd june Tuesday 2020;

Adv;  40 lakhs;
best diet for diabetics

Human relationship video to spend long time ask instead of compalint; extra effort to do; Mailchimp  setup video seen again;Ganesh English teacher videos seen known about common mistakes in English, verbs, pronounciations ;Known about GST bill formalities; Surprised to see hyper sugar levels; Re opened few more client shops at google;
How to sell on amazon video seen;
linkedin profile further edited;↙↙; peptalk further improved;
June 3rd Plans; Wed day;

Adv; 25  lakhs;
Bhatnagars video of what is your expertise seen;
Continued peptalk;  Seen videos on twitter job search; learnt lot of things on twitter lists created list;
Morning Had hair cut and Color later Body building pose;Interacted  a lot with twitter  audience; twitter is for whom known; like Big Brands; Buffer created finally; catching technique of big brands with re tweets known;
4th Thursday june 2020;

Adv;  30 lakhs;
* *20 hours are enough to learn things 40 minutes day telugu geeks video seen; Seen videos on understanding behaviour of people; Curd is ok for diabetes; 
Cunning; Dishonesty are days words;
Learn and use more words in English;
6th June Friday 2020

5 lakh;
# Good video seen on goal setting;
#  Seen Html, CSS, Java scriprt  whole series of videos;
Seen adwords setup again  of Amit tiwari:
tweeted for kajal; Seen last 3 months blog posts;

April may 2020

1st April; Wedday Mar 2020;

7 Articles snippets  kept;
3rd April 2020 Friday;

CNN : activated at home good news and coverage seen;
Disturbing whatsapp videos indore ; 
4th April Saturday 2020:
Jayram Reddy had long chat known his knowledge about Vooluntary organisation; 
5 th April Sunday 2020;

laptop top up did  thanks to phonepay; Checked back whom i called in 2020 and seen ph book call data last 6 months call data was available;
6th April 2020;  Monday;

Called Krishna anna had chat ; called Narsimha Gollapalli he connected to Subba Reddy;  
8th April 2020 Wedday;
***grape wont trigger  sugar levels but body will spike hunger levels knowledge got;
10th April 2020 Friday;

***This time took initiative and called   Ramachandra Kadapa  and had his openion on gollapalli issue asked his sons marriage pics later  he sent photos of his son s marriage other details also known;
11th April Sunday 2020; 

Watched niel video tips Big Brands have big pressense on Social Media already;

14th april
Sent SMS and whatsapp msg to Gopal; Soni nsk also said ok; gave reply to Adhesiveandpack; Balaji Bajranj also gave good support; kiran sent video;
15 Th April Wedday 2020;

Surprisingly reply had from  Mama  for yesterdays msg to gopal  cleaarance had  finally to construct a home  at Gollapally this is a good relief finally.
18th April Saturday 2020;

watched lot of celebs tweets and gained confidence; milk fed to Cat;;Blog bio developed with nice content; Read world famous celebs tweets;

24th April Friday 2020;

Gtas leg swelling  issue so took her to Dr Mohan Rao Sl Diagnostics  doctor heavy penalty of expences had;
28th April Tuesday 2020;

With gtas pressure my maiden song  of Movie "Rangasthalam:   "Veru sanga kosam mattini thavvithe":  is on air and good response 16 replys recd; Anjalis instant song inspired a lot;
30th April  Thursday 2020;

Got up early and noted DSIM course details noted (curriculam)

1st May Friday 2020;

Despite initial hurdle to create content for DM manged it with help of Gta  script created and later  got audio  voice done by Naren by evening and 2 people have responded and had good hits 100 plus people have watched it by whatsapp thats good progress for the day;
3 rd May  Sunday; 2020;

Digital Marketing content  work completed added some more content like  ice breaking  session tips etc;; Anjali irritated again;
5th May Tuesday 2020;

Tool kit  reqd for youtube channel known; Myke please; tripod; Tried fiolmora some time; D M Content got further consolidated;   More bossters had for the day;
6th may wed day; 2020;

wine shops opend; visualize is days inspiration; Songs and dialogues saved to Blog; Digital Marketing content consolidation continued ; voice related video tips seen;
7th May Thurday 2020

Days keywords passion and 19 minutes speech 3 main key ideas;
8th may  friday 2020;

A/C remote issue fixed; Prahlads called; called Nagraj  Sr freight but got depressed after that chat known lot of things chikko ;
9th Saturday  may 2020;
Practice began gave a voice presentation on whatsapp about Digital marketing; hubspot and niel are bigger no doubt;

10 th May 2020 Sunday;
Mothers day wishes sent ; Big catastrophy of Anjali almost lost temper for her ignorance ;*** Few more  songs and dialogues saved to blog simhadri; Naani song ;100 years of Indian Cinema youtube clip seen in Hindi ;
 *** Cinema has influence on people switch over to it very very fast;

15th May 2020 Friday 

Seen few more videos on English language fluency and vacabulary; Seen google video Ellenshow; 
16th Sat 2020;

Known few new things on whatsapp status;  What is pintrest video  Pins and Boards seen; Online coaching set up and youtube video streaming video seen; One Delhi guy contacted for free course had chat later removed free from course;  Wave sostware for coaching known; Kept linking code to most of digital marketing posts;  video on soft skills trainer seen;  Art of story telling videos seen;
17th May Sunday 2020;

known about emoji: New idea of whom to brinto top important and urgent; talents and contacts; Sr scientifics subba reddy responded;
18th May Monday 2020;

Concentrate on just one thing;  chetchat; Edited youtube description; 
Highest viewd youtube videos listed with view count of 20 youtubers; Media planning; and content planning videos seen and kept; Few more places keywords kept for digital marketing:
22nd May friday 2020;

 Best background scores; edited blog bio againpasted some good content; As a result of yesterdays request  Erikalaiah  added to list; 
23 rd May Satday 2020;
Overall improvement for the day is computer basics known; 
Falcon fastest Burd with 250 KM per hour speed:
24th  May Sunday 2020

Added 20 more local  places of hyderabad  to digital marketing again; Night seen world wide Digital marketing web sites  design and content gained confidnce ; Most important things in life after money are; Respect; Health; Community; Time; mental strength;Friends; Family; Called Chinnimmi, parvathi Gollapalli had exchange of lot of relatives info felt satisfied;

25th May Monday 2020;

7 Ways to Become the Best Digital Marketer
Attend Networking Events. 
Learn from Digital Marketing Brands and Entrepreneurs. 
Connect with Like-Minded Individuals. 
Find a Digital Marketing Internship. 
Become a Member of a Professional Body.

26th May 2020;

Finally Digital Marketing course prinouts got from Narayanaguda cafe and scanned them from homethis is best work for the day; added major cities of south india cities keywords Of Digital marketing this has further strenghtened earluar consolidation work;

27th May Wed day 2020;

Further consolidated digital marketing course with 2 states city keywords and some cities content pages also edited; 

How technology helped me;
1. I got money and  2 lakh  followers; Web traffic  from twitter; projects;
2. Got lot of content from whatsapp communication ; Broadcast;
3. money from google maps activations  google short urls maintanance;
4. Good knowledge from youtube; SEO and digital marketingl  knowledge;
5. smart phone photos and communication and  Jio 4 g net;
6, payment apps helped mea lot to receive and pay ;ATM cards  time saving;
7.  Enjoyed Songs from youtube;
8. Food delivery apps not much of use;
9. Xerox for prints cyber cafes  Reviews;
10. Self help Books knowledge; Human relationships;
11. Byke for  Mobility ;
12. wikipedia knowledge;
13. gta logo creation, sticker, Broture  knowledge;
14.  pintrest; for good Photos ;
15. instagram big project pets ;
28th May  thursday 2020;
Statrted  what to tell and teach  imagine a practical session;
Another broadcast list created with 80 persons for intimate content sharing;
30th May Saturday 2020;

Spent long time to add more links to D M;
Digital marketing peptalk work continued ;
Added 22 new cities of india to digital marketing posts;
31st May 2020;

Ganesh English teacher videos  seen   felt much more confident; vocabulary building; Added Rayalaseema;Seen adowrds video again felt confident; SEO is longterm plan as per web trainings guy; response  from anitha; 
peptalk file created;


1st march Indian turf Invitation cup;

New point is Arch rivals one of the competitors wins usually;
Star superior vs sir 
2 nd march 2020;
hyderabadiprinters and pragathiinduistries insta got into google ranking; Hit 100 twitter headers mark for the first time;
tweeted 3rd march;
google invitation for maps meet up gave a real moral booster for the day; further consolidated 100  twitter handles on hand;
Night as per plan met poorna chandra and he paid but need to edit his photos;for 10 projects and updated few insta ids;
4 th march 2020 wed day;

Continued google short urls reached  mark of 114 good; Seen few more web sites
5th March Thursday; 2020;

Days tip;
Have a healthy mix of videos and images as part of your content strategy. The content that you post acts as the voice of your brand. Build a narrative around your products and post content that isn’t just product updates. Life journey with good memories and bad  added ;
Top twitter and instgram brands added list got to 150;
9th March 2020;
Neibouts  vacated apologised and head of tall lady looks later;paradise biryanis stunning expantion 29 places and future plans checked through their web site;
11th march Wesday 2020;
Quickly updates google short urls to be  118. but i ahve still 300 verified customers;
13 th March 2020;

*** Known about value of a twitter follower  @ 2. 5 dollora and value of re tweet is 25 dollars and value of twitter 4 billion;*** Other most powerful thing known is valaue of a nagative review is mind boggling 1.5 lkah and its silent killer; Activated human hair insta id but could post only 5 later seen related web sites including e com web site and rates known  First shocker is from hydprints  insta link and shop closure;  My kajal twitter worth is rs 2 .5 cr and what about handles on hand and my knowledge looks mind boggling; Known about #hashtag tweeting; Updated vetuku yahoo email removed almost 10 k emails;

15 th march 2020; Sunday;

First timein History sunday  races cancelled; malls closed; bars closed; wine shop sitting dis allowed;
Seen new curry corner launch near sai baba temple;

20th March  friday 2020;

 Bleeding of leg horror; took Cipro floxip alarming; 
***New tip of day are tweeting with #hasjtags; usage of quotes;
21st march saturday 2020;
Sundarayya park closed; sugar checked @300;
22nd March  Sunday 2020;

Major development of the day Watched tweets and segregated them; there are 235 countries in world; Identify who are not responding to reviews; and negative reviews;
Janatha curfew day observed and tweeted total day spent at home watching Tv and net surfing;
31st March 2020
Corona song by vandemataram srinivas

By night panic of  Religious gathering and Corona effect;; Elusive pimpernal video seen;


Feb 1 saturday 2020  
Radhasapthami day;

Another sabotage episode of Tirupati  guy known;

2nd Feb 2020; Sunday; 

Mumbai Derby day due to track eagles misguidance missed winner War Hammer but consolidated Knowledge;
3rd feb 2020 monday;

Also called Murali cars; Swaant  ;Seo tips video of Niel patel and amit tiwari seen; seen best design tips ; best blogging headlines ti around 50 messages sent; reply recd from Bags guy and Ameen; ps; best images for blog to know; Site loading is also important;
4th feb Tuesday 2020;

Removed ph numbers of sri Balaji K M
5th Feb Wed day 2020;
Most of the day spent time in consolidating blog with inter linking and posting realtors data to blog kept  high pixel pictures; 
7th Friday february  2020;

tweeted for 9 projects; best days in a year to tweet and post insta listed out; Another 2 tieups had for insta so now 15 lakh user base at hand;
8th saturday feb 2020;
Added linking work with DW to realtors;
9th Feb sunday 2020;
Night with Kishore visited Shadnagar Mani brothers marriage reception;
10th Feb Monday 2020;
My hard work of SEO shown some progress in ranking; Took good rest for the day:
11th Feb Tuesday;2020;
Expanded blog to Asia countries for realtors;
Worked in afternoon one insta id  reserved asiarealtorshq with Kishores help;
13th feb 2010; thurday;

video recd form bags guy new hope;
15th Feb satday 2020;

Calender data fed and sent whatsapp msgs one guy sent return promo;
17th Monday Feb 2020;

For the first time in life tweeted for 24 projects; indbropoultry insta got into fold;
21st feb Friday 2020;
Edited Ananda Nilayam page again;

22nd Feb Satday 2020:
Surprise payout recd from Bujji DW and edited it and loaded picture ;
Ameen got another 2 payouts @ night called up;
23 Feb Sunday 2020;

edited spell checks of jasminepetmart;
Poonawala Breeders million day;
24th Feb 2020 Monday;
American president Trump visit to India TV coverage seen;
27th Feb Thursday 2020; 

Throught the day did exaustive study on activations  missed ;humanhair;vinayaka jewellers;  cameracenter; 31 ids got;
28th Feb 2020;

1.Sent whatsapp of google  page details to clients; and soni
2.year of oldest launches  of t ids on hand work  completed;
3. Brand watch work began 40 of them collected;


jan 1 st  2020

Mama called had word with Chinna; Vja suresh called;

New Years first shocker Florist Expectation flopped; must be careful to take their sign and call them before going for 
 Byke head ache  called Ajay came finally  resque  out of trouble;
 from uma from Uma money and commitment  failure issue;
2 nd good thing : Night Xerox of 2019  developments prints took and scanned them and edited them again;

2nd jan 2020 renewal reminders sent;
Entire 2019 new and old renewals payouts  analysed;
Renewal reminders sent to National Jewellery; jaggu Ambulense ; Pariwar; Arihant;
Few Reviews got; 45 occations to post; identified;
Nava Telangana calender added numbers and sent whatsapp msg;Some more data from field collected;

4th jan 2020
14. calls  Met soni and got big calender got yes from him  and wishes happy new Year and came home; positive from Shree Alu;

Eye glass arranged by Gta;
32.Mobile cover 33. Reading glass;Shocker 8 leg infection;

 6 Jan 
followup with anurag and hotel pariwar did;
9th jan
Prepared successful tips for life and posted them to insta and gained tremendous confidence:
58. Initiated NRN to collect National jewellery payout he collected and transfered thats first team effect in 2020;

With confidence attended prime9news channel and given my ideas;

10th Jan Friday 2020;
In a sudden move decided to visit Sweet and Namkeen exibition  at hitex and that fetched for the day;
Sent Watsapp to all IAS intitutes of hyd;
36 tv channels are  listed in google  Hyderabad;
13th jan Monday 2020;
Sent reminders 30
15th jan Night Syera  Nara Simha Reddy movie seen;
18th jan Telma h generic drug is much  lover than branded drug;
Had chat with Ajay at night;

19th jan Sunday 2020; 

Attended Malakpet Rx after long gap; Went inside with smart phone enjoyed it: Had one start to finish debut  winner by   

David Egan must have good money on hand; Manglorkar S John jodie  fetched Derby win;

21st  Jan Tuesday 2020;
Again sent reminders to 40 people;

1 payout recd;

21st jan 2020;By evening Drohi sabotage known quickly took remidial steps and called most of them;  muni krishna gave Dr  ph number;
number sent him msg;

22nd jan 2020
10. recd TTD diary by courier Koti ;
23rd Jan thursday 2020;
recd Got another payout this time KVP; 
Copyscape for duplicate content known;

24th Jan friday 2020;
Later Ajay met and discussed matter with him enquired Jowar roti machine;Total upset throught the day lost control : 
Satyam and Ajay met on chat; 
As a suprise 2 payouts got for the day; Alankrita; Eves as i have sent deadline reminder;
Night had session with Ajay;

26th jan No preparation for Rx missed 2 good shots; Debut win and  war hammer 7 straight win;
Assisted Ajay to buy jowari roti machine posted related 

28th Jan Tuesday 2020;

Finally police complaint posted by regd post;
31st jan friday 2020;
Someone poked in to kajal asking to become co admin blocked him finally ;

Black pearl at kolkata;

What has helped most

Video tips for Human relationships;  Mannerism;  Help each other; Text in gap of absense;  Blog Bio;  Balaji Bajrang your soft of tone  vo...